Joint Use Inventories

Are you leaving money on your poles?

You are unless you have performed an accurate joint use inventory recently.

With the expansion of their services, more cable, phone and high data exchange are opting to attach to your poles rather than invest in their own system. As the owner of your facilities, you deserve a fair payback from these attachment companies. It all comes down to an accurate count of these joint use attachments.

ENERCO can survey your system and accurately locate and count all foreign attachments, measure for low clearance and find safety issues such as low attachments and overloading.


Pole Inspections

It is a tall order for an electric utility to maintain their distribution and transmission poles. Pinpointing where the potential hazards of your pole system are will greatly diminish your exposure for falling poles and outages.

ENERCO technicians are qualified and experienced and are trained to perform comprehensive inspections on all types of wood, steel and concrete poles. Our technicians not only know how to find rot and decay above and below ground, they have the experience and knowledge to find problems all the way to the top of the pole.

ENERCO can either develop an inspection program to meet your company's specific needs or we can work within your specifications. We realize that one size does not fit all. It's your choice.


Pole Treatments

As the economy continues to tighten, many utilities are choosing to look at remedial treaments of their wood poles as part of their annual inspection program.

ENERCO is proud to offer the Genics line of pole treatment products for our clients. From an environmental standpoint, it just makes sense to utilize Genics products instead of traditional harsh chemicals that require special licenses and specific safety clothes, masks and glasses.

ENERCO has had many years of experience with Genics products and we will be glad to work with you to assist you in getting the most life out of your wood poles.


Storm Damage Assessment and Support Resources

Whether your system is hit by a hurricane, tornado, ice storm or anything in between, the primary objective is to get the power back on as quickly and safely as possible.

ENERCO technicians, having many years of utility experience, can help you and your crews accomplish this major feat. Our technicians can work as lead damage assessors, drivers and scouts to assist your utility with delivering maps, materials and meals to your line crews.


Substation Inspections

Substations are the heart of any electric utility system. While it is critical to perform monthly inspections, they sometimes take a backseat to other operations tasks.

ENERCO, with their copyrighted collection program, can take the headaches out of these inspections which will all you to focus your efforts on other time sensitive tasks. Utilizing our barcode system along with our data loggers, our technicians can read your substations quickly, allowing us to return completed reports to you in a timely manner. This quick turnaround will allow you to make the critical decisions necessary to make your substations perform to their best capability.

Let us customize a substation inspection program for your company.


Transformer Restoration and Pole Painting

The elements can wreak havoc on assets such as surface mounted equipment and decorative light and traffic signal poles. Rain, irrigation and periods of intense sunlight can produce conditions such as fading, rusting and chalking. In addition to creating a poor appearance of your assets within the community, these conditions can also shorten the life of these important assets.

ENERCO technicians can fully restore any surface mounted equipment to a like new state. Sanding, priming, painting, small hole repair, buffing, adding new stickers, locks and captive bolts can bring these pieces of equipment back to a much improved look and help with extending the longevity of this equipment that will help you avoid unnecessary and costly change outs. ENERCO technicians can also bring new life to the finish of fiberglass and metal decorative and traffic signal poles.

These valuable services can be performed as stand-alone work or in conjunction with our surface mounted equipment inspections.


Underground Facilities and Phasing

Underground Phasing and Inspections

Over the past several years, there has been more demand for distribution services to be put underground. While appealing to the eye, it is known that these assets need to be regularly inspected just like their above ground counterparts.

ENERCO technicians can perform the simplest visual inspection up to much more comprehensive inspections that including opening up the cabinet to assess the condition of the facilities, infrared diagnostics, ground testing and other vital services.

ENERCO can also help with determining the correct phasing of these assets.