Storm Scout Senior Assessor- (various locations)

Job Details

Storm Scout Senior Assessor
Job ID #: XXXXXX     Location: Various
Functional Area: Distribution     
Position Type: Part Time-Temporary     
Experience Required: 5+     

The Storm Scout Senior Assessor must be a person with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in utility distribution systems such as engineering, operations or construction. Applicant must also be physically capable of walking out power line right of ways under various extremet weather and terrain conditions.

Job Requirements

    Applicant must have full and complete knowledge of working safely in all conditions and situations
    Be able to identify primary and secondary electrical facilities including poles, primary wires, secondary wires, services, primary insulators, transformers, fuses, reclosers, regulators, OCBs, substations, etc
    Ability to identify all necessary repairs required for restoration
    Have ability to read and follow distribution circuit maps noting facilities needing repair
    Possesses in-depth knowledge of electric distribution system

Other Skills, Abilities and Requirements

    Attention to detail
    Work long hours and potential weekends
    Current and valid driver’s license
    Must pass pre-employment drug test
    Must pass criminal background check

Basic Qualifications

    Minimum of 5 years’ experience in utility distribution systems.  This experience must be with engineering, operations and/or construction
    Physically able to walk out power line right of ways in various weather conditions and in uneven terrain