Pole Inspections

pi-imgIt is a tall order for an electric utility to maintain their distribution and transmission poles. Pinpointing where the potential hazards of your pole system are will greatly diminish your exposure for falling poles and outages. ENERCO technicians are qualified and experienced and are trained to perform comprehensive inspections on all types of wood, steel and concrete poles. Our technicians not only know how to find rot and decay above and below ground, they have the experience and knowledge to find problems all the way to the top of the pole. ENERCO can either develop an inspection program to meet your company's specific needs or we can work within your specifications. We realize that one size does not fit all. It's your choice.

Enerco Services

Substation Inspections   s1                       Storm Damage Assessment   s5
Pole Inspections   s2   GPS & GIS Mapping   s6
Pole Treatments   s3   Joint Use Services   s7
Surface Mounted Inspections & Connectivity     Engineering Services   es-img
Transformer Restoration and Pole Painting    s9