Underground Facilities Phasing & Inspections

uf-imgOver the past several years, there is more demand for distribution services to be put underground. While appealing to the eye, it is known that these assets need to be regularly inspected just like their above ground counterparts. ENERCO technicians can perform the simplest visual inspection up to much more comprehensive inspections that including opening up the cabinet to assess the condition of the facilities, infrared diagnostics, ground testing and other vital services. ENERCO can also help with determining the correct phasing of these assets.

Enerco Services

Substation Inspections   s1                       Storm Damage Assessment   s5
Pole Inspections   s2   GPS & GIS Mapping   s6
Pole Treatments   s3   Joint Use Services   s7
Surface Mounted Inspections & Connectivity     Engineering Services   es-img
Transformer Restoration and Pole Painting    s9