Transformer Restoration and Pole Painting


The elements can wreak havoc on assets such as surface mounted equipment and decorative light and traffic signal poles. Rain, irrigation and periods of intense sunlight can produce conditions such as fading, rusting and chalking. In addition to creating a poor appearance of your assets within the community, these conditions can also shorten the life of these important assets. ENERCO technicians can fully restore any surface mounted equipment to a like new state. Sanding, priming, painting, small hole repair, buffing, adding new stickers, locks and captive bolts can bring these pieces of equipment back to a much improved look and help with extending the longevity of this equipment that will help you avoid unnecessary and costly change outs. ENERCO technicians can also bring new life to the finish of fiberglass and metal decorative and traffic signal poles. These valuable services can be performed as stand-alone work or in conjunction with our surface mounted equipment inspections.

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